Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze, also known as Venus Concepts, is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles in most areas of the body as well as reducing cellulite.

There is no pain – only a warm sensation.  The treatment time varies depending on what area of the body is treated.  The number of treatments is dependent on a person’s tissue characteristics as well as the severity of the issue to be improved.

Normally, 6-8 treatments provide maximal results (one per week), with some patients electing to have single “touch up” maintenance treatment performed once or twice per year.

The mechanism behind the technology that produces such significant results is a combination of radiofrequency waves and magnetic pulses.  The net effect is stimulating the skin to produce more collagen well as destroying some fat cells and producing plumper skin with fewer wrinkles (a more youthful state).  This gentle and painless treatment results in no downtime and no activity restrictions.  Therefore, you could do this on your lunch hour and return directly to work!

* Results vary from person to person. You must be evaluated by Dr. Morris and deemed to be a candidate for any procedure you consider. Not everyone is a medical candidate. Please call 989.832.5055 for details.