This treatment produces results you can see and feel.  Smoothshapes® uses Photomology technology to flush the body of unwanted cellulite (subcutaneous fat) resulting in firmer, tighter, smoother looking skin.

It combines light and laser energy, along with mechanical manipulation to target (liquefy) specific areas of cellulite.  Together with healthy nutrition, exercise and regular hydration your results can be long lasting and beautiful.

Areas to be treated

  • Anterior Thighs (Front)
  • Posterior Thighs (Back)
  • Lateral Thighs (Side)
  • Inner Thighs
  • Buttocks

Treatment plan: series of 8(one or more areas) done consecutively over a one month period, twice weekly. Maintenance touch-up once a year may be recommended.

1st area (8 treatments) $900
2nd area (8 treatments) $750
3rd or more area (8 treatments) $600

Prepay for 3 areas, 4th area is free (8 treatments)
Touch-up $150 after a series has been completed.

Prices subject to change.

* Results vary from person to person. You must be evaluated by Dr. Morris and deemed to be a candidate for any procedure you consider. Not everyone is a medical candidate. Please call 989.832.5055 for details.