Aging, sun exposure, excessive alcohol intake, genetics, and movement of the muscles of facial expression may cause lines and wrinkles in the facial region. There are many treatment options for facial lines and wrinkles. For those occurring in the areas of significant facial expression (between the eyebrows, across the forehead and in the “crows feet” area beside the eyes), Botox® is the best and most effective treatment.

Botox® can also be used to provide a subtle but noticeable lifting of the eyebrows and the corners of the mouth. It is also very effective at reducing or eliminating “bunny lines” (wrinkles that form on the upper nose and sides of the nose when smiling), as well as puckering or wrinkling of the chin during animation of the face.


Botox® is injected into the affected areas with a tiny needle, causing a weakening of the muscles (the contraction of which causes the lines or wrinkles). Patients experience either no pain or only a mild stinging, which lasts only a second or two. The treatment only takes a few seconds for each area.


There is virtually no evidence that the treatment has been performed, so you may immediately return to work or social activities. The weakening of the muscles causes the lines and wrinkles to improve dramatically, although complete eradication cannot be guaranteed. You will not have an abnormal appearance due to the selective weakening of the muscles.


The effect of the treatment may be noticed in as little as three or four days; however, maximum benefit may not be evident for a couple of weeks. Most of the time, patients have dramatic improvement much sooner.

Complications are virtually non-existent. Occasionally a tiny bruise may form at the site of administration. This may be easily covered with make-up and resolves rapidly. Another very rare situation is weakening of the muscle that elevates the eyelid. This could result in a temporary mild droop of the effected lid. The incidence of this in our practice is much less than one percent. It can be corrected easily with eye drops.

The effects of Botox® are not permanent. Muscle function returns in about three or four months after the first treatment and the procedure must be repeated to continue its benefit. Studies have demonstrated that repeating the treatment as soon as any muscle movement returns will often extend the effective period of the procedure. We have some patients who only require treatment every five or six months.

One must be cautious to be sure that the Botox® is administered at the proper dilution level and by a qualified individual. Ask each office at which you make an inquiry how the Botox® is diluted, how many units are used per area and exactly who will be administering the Botox® – this is extremely important to the success of your treatment. Dr. Morris only uses Botox® at its proper dilution level and utilizes the exact amount for maximal effectiveness.

The slight inconvenience of the need to repeat Botox® is far outweighed by its outstanding effectiveness, ease of treatment, lack of any “down time” and avoidance of surgery and anesthesia. Many patients are enjoying the wonderful benefits of line and wrinkle reduction and/or elimination afforded by Botox® therapy.

* Results vary from person to person. You must be evaluated by Dr. Morris and deemed to be a candidate for any procedure you consider. Not everyone is a medical candidate. Please call 989.832.5055 for details.