Acne Treatment

Acne is frustrating for teenagers, their parents, adults with acne and the doctors doing their best to treat these individuals. Topical and oral antibiotics, lotions and other forms of treatment are inconsistently effective.  While all of these measures have their place, and may be necessary in certain individuals, another form of treatment is available to attack the cause of the problem – the bacteria causing the acne.

IPL ® (Intense Pulsed Light)

The bacteria that cause acne survive in an environment deprived of oxygen. In contrast to most living things, if they are exposed to oxygen they die – and the problems they cause go away.

IPL® is a 10-15 minute non-invasive procedure which delivers three important elements to help eliminate or significantly reduce acne. The most important is the destruction of the cause of the acne – the bacteria. IPL® introduces a high intensity light which penetrates into the skin where it causes a photothermal reaction that releases oxygen, killing the bacteria. Red light also is introduced, helping to reduce the inflammation and severity of the appearance of the acne.  The heat delivered by IPL® helps to open the clogged pores, and further improve appearance.

What to Expect

The treatments are painless for some, and others experience a mild stinging that lasts only a second. Generally 8 treatments over a four week period will provide maximal correction.  If acne recurs or is not completely corrected (the treatment provides up to 90% clearance), touch up treatments can be performed – especially prior to a big event.

Many people are eliminating years of frustration by taking advantage of IPL®.


BLU-U® is a 15-minute, painless, non-invasive procedure which delivers a special blue wavelength light, that penetrates into the skin where it kills the bacteria that cause your acne. Generally, one or two fifteen minute (or one 30 minute) treatment(s) per week, will achieve substantial improvement in the appearance of your acne in about 5 weeks or so.

What to Expect

The treatments are completely painless and are similar to sitting in front of a facial tanner.  Your eyes will be protected with goggles and there is no heat involved.  For more advanced or resistant acne we can combine the BLU-U® with a topically applied compound called Levulan®.

The Levulan® increases the intensity of the treatment and provides more bacterial killing power.  This treatment has some down time, however.  You cannot be exposed to any type of light, except for extremely low level room light for 48 hours after the treatment.  Sunscreens are not effective enough at blocking, so it is extremely important that the light avoidance is absolute.  A significant burn can happen if exposed to more than extremely low level indoor light.  During the treatment there will some stinging which is generally mild and will decrease after the lightis used, but may persist for 48 hours.

* Results vary from person to person. You must be evaluated by Dr. Morris and deemed to be a candidate for any procedure you consider. Not everyone is a medical candidate. Please call 989.832.5055 for details.