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A facelift does not stop the clock. It simply "resets" it. How long a facelift lasts depends on many factors including the inherent characteristics of your tissues. Also, people tend to age in “spurts” (look at Presidents before and after serving). If you are in, or entering, an aging cycle, your facelift will not last as long as someone who is not in such a cycle.


What Areas Are Improved?


Many areas of the face are improved: sagging, loose tissues of the mid-face, deep folds of loose skin at the sides of the nose and mouth, jowls or loss of definition of the jaw line, and excess fat or loose skin causing loss of definition and “hanging” of the tissues in the neck area. Dr. Morris will discuss your areas of concern during the consultation and demonstrate the degree of correction you may be able to achieve in each area.


You'll notice some loosening within a few months following a facelift, but you may never regain the degree of your original aged appearance. On average, patients may request a less extensive tightening procedure in 7-10 years to maintain the best possible appearance.


A facelift is often combined with other procedures for simultaneous correction of other areas of the face such as the forehead or eyelid regions. This gives you a balanced, more youthful appearance of the entire face.



Limitations and Risks


Facelift procedures can be limited by certain characteristics of your tissues. Some examples are:


  • Thick, heavy, oily skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Excessive fatty tissue
  • Changes in the tissues from previous procedures
  • Natural asymmetries of each side of your face  

The goal of a facelift is to make you look as good as possible for your age, not necessarily to make you appear a certain number of years younger. Dr. Morris will discuss any specific limitations with you at the time of your consultation. We have techniques available to deal with most limiting factors.


Facelift procedures involve markedly more risk in smokers. Nicotine and carbon monoxide cause constriction of the blood vessels that supply the skin, reducing blood flow and increasing the risk of skin loss. If you are a smoker, Dr. Morris will require that you stop smoking and completely avoid exposure to smoke for a minimum of three weeks prior to surgery, and three weeks following the procedure. (Ideally, you would quit forever!)


If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), it must be properly controlled prior to surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding. We will coordinate this with your internist or family physician. There is a very small risk of impairing nerves that control facial movement during facelift surgery, depending on the extent of procedure necessary to correct your deformities. Dr. Morris will discuss this in more detail with you during your consultation. The incidence of this is exceedingly rare.



The Operation


Incisions for facelift are carefully concealed within the hair in the area of the temples, in skin creases in front of and behind the ear, and along the hairline behind the ears. Dr. Morris will discuss specific incision locations with you during your consultation.


To reposition your facial tissues, skin and deeper tissues of the face are first very carefully mobilized. The deeper tissues and skin are then repositioned in a generally upward and backward direction to reposition them into a more satisfactory location. In the neck area, banding or separation of neck muscles is corrected to provide better support and optimal contour of the neck.


In the face and neck areas, excess or malpositioned fatty tissue is removed or sculpted using small suction tubes or direct removal to further improve the result. After re-draping the skin and soft tissues, excess tissue is removed and the incisions are very carefully closed.


All of your incisions will be carefully closed with sutures to hopefully produce very fine line scars. Most patients have scars that are undetectable when covered with make-up. The quality of the scars depends on each individual’s healing characteristics.





You will feel some tightness in the neck area following surgery. This assures that you'll have the best possible long-term result. Most of the tight feeling resolves in the first two weeks.


The amount of bruising and swelling one has and the rate at which these disappear is different for each person.  We have many patients who experience almost no swelling or bruising, and others who have significant amounts of both.  Usually within 10 days, with proper application of make-up, you will be able to function comfortably in society.  Patients generally feel fantastic about their new look around 6 weeks following surgery.



Stages of Recovery


For face and neck procedures, the average....


Hospitalization time:

Dr. Morris prefers that you spend one night in the hospital on observational status following an extensive facelift. By keeping you quiet, your head elevated, and having someone to care for you, we can help assure the least possible swelling and bruising and the fastest possible recovery.

Bruising and swelling resolve:

5-10 days; 6 weeks for optimal swelling resolution

Return to work, social activity:

10-21 days

Aerobic or strenuous activity:

21 days



Patient Testimonials

  • ''I have been thoroughly impressed with this office and the staff. I would recommend Dr. Morris's practice any day!  When I went into the office, I felt somewhat ashamed for even being there - looking into plastic surgery. When I left, I felt 'normal' after talking to all the women on staff. They made me realize that I am 'ok' for wanting to improve my body.''  
  • ''I appreciated the 'discreet' mailing of information. (I didn't want my husband to know I was interested in enhancing my appearance.) Appointment time was very prompt. Staff is very accommodating combining different procedures for the same day. (It takes an hour for me to drive to your office, so I really appreciate the convenience of multiple procedures being scheduled the same day.)''    
  • ''You have to trust your Doctor. It's comforting to know they are reputable. I enjoyed reading the history of the Doctor and the Plastic Surgery Institute in the very informative brochure I received from you office. When I called for the appointment, the staff member I spoke with said she had the same procedure done and was very happy with it. It gave me some 'peace of mind' and made me look forward to my appointment.''    
  • ''All of your staff was very friendly and honest. I came in feeling like I needed a few cosmetic procedures. Instead of your staff agreeing with me and taking my money, they told me that the surgeries I wanted would produce very minimal results but would be very expensive. I was informed of much less expensive, non-surgical options that would be more beneficial to me...he was actually more honest to me than expected. He could have just tried to make as much money off of me as he could, but he did the exact opposite and made very little money off of me.''    
  • ''After seeing Dr. Morris's credentials and pictures and talking to him I knew he was the Dr. I wanted to perform my surgery.  Also everyone was so friendly and helpful on his staff.  He was also very honest with me on what changes I could expect.''  
  • ''My whole surgery from pre to post op was handled so well.''  
  • ''I saw a patient of yours that received treatment. She was very happy with the results, and I was very impressed at how 'natural' she looked.''  
  • ''Your staff is very good at acknowledging the patient when they walk in the door, even if they're busy and are on the phone.''  
  • ''I like the fact that you allow patients to return as many times as they feel necessary to ensure they are educated, prepared for and pleased with the end results of their surgeries.''  
  • ''I like that most of your staff has had cosmetic procedures themselves and are willing to share their experiences with you firsthand. That personal touch makes a HUGE difference when you are considering cosmetic surgery and don't know what to expect – pain-wise, recovery, etc.''    
  • ''I am very happy and pleased with the outcome of my procedures and it has changed my attitude toward myself.  I am much more satisfied with the way I look.  Dr. Morris did and excellent job with both procedures.  Thank you very much.''    
  • ''Doctor Morris made a huge difference in my life.''    
  • ''Your office seems more concerned about meeting the needs of the patient rather than just looking at the patient as a money maker.''      
  • ''I felt that Dr. Morris was more up front about the results that could or could not be achieved.  I felt more comfortable with Dr. Morris.''      
  • ''I like his honesty and bedside manner.  Very kind and considerate didn't make me feel self-conscious at all; I had a very good experience with the Doctor and staff all being friendly and caring.''      
  • ''Very professional environment. Personable staff. Accomodating hours. Neat and clean office. Promptness with appointment time. Not having to wait to be seen! I also am pleased with being seated at my scheduled appointment time, instead of having to wait for 30 min or so in the reception area like so many other offices. (Excellent time management skills.)''      
  • ''I'm very happy with my results and will continue to refer people to your office.''      
  • ''Your office looked professional and your staff was friendly.  The two nurses were knowledgeable regarding procedures. Dr. Morris explained everything clearly and I felt reassured that he had my best welfare in mind.''      
  • ''To feel that the surgeon is competent (I felt great knowing Dr. Morris had trained at Mayo) and that the entire staff is knowledgeable and able to answer questions/concerns.  Also, deciding to do this type of surgery (abdominoplasty) can be somewhat embarrassing and no one in the office made me feel uncomfortable.''    
  • ''The staff was extremely friendly and informative.  I also liked the fact that Kay told me to come and talk with them as often as I needed, at no additional charge, prior to the surgery, to make sure I was 100% comfortable.''      
  • ''The information provided before the procedure was very informative and accurate.  I like how Dr. Morris made sure to say hi to me once I was in the operating room, before I was put under.  Although this doesn't pertain specifically to your office, I would like to comment on the wonderful staff at Mid Michigan Regional Medical Center. I had wonderful nurses from the time I arrived to the time I went home.  I worried that they may treat me differently because I was choosing to have surgery - but they were great and very helpful!''  
  • ''I was very pleased with the way my surgery turned out.  Everyone was up front with me about the pain and it turned out to be not as bad as I thought.  I had been taken very good care of.  I can’t tell you how good I feel about myself now.  I have a lot more confidence.''    
  • ''I chose Dr. Morris because after my initial consultation, I walked away feeling very comfortable and after seeing results from some of the procedures he had performed, I knew he would take care in ensuring I was happy with the results.''      
  • ''The brochure/packet you sent was very informative and confirmed my decision.''      
  • ''Office staff treats you like a person, not an annoyance.''      
  • ''You are very personable and yet professional.  Your office always takes the time to answer questions and doesn't treat me like I'm bothering them.''      
  • ''I liked when Kay came in the room and explained things to me.  She did not seem in a hurry and explained everything plus some.  I also liked when Dr. Morris came in and said hello before he saw me in the next room.''  
  • ''Once I made the initial call to Dr. Morris' office, I received the information very quickly.  After my consultation, I didn't feel pressured to proceed with surgery.''      
  • ''The procedures I have had were very successful and very much to my liking.  I also admire Dr. Morris' staff and their professionalism.''      
  • ''I trust Dr. Morris and feel confident he knows what he is doing.  He made me feel so much better about my looks and I will be forever grateful.  I also really like his nurse, she made me feel at ease about questions I had no matter what the question.''      
  • ''I choose Dr. Morris based on the former patients who have had procedures done in the past and highly recommended him.''      
  • ''I continue to be a consumer because of Dr. Morris and his caring and considerate staff. It is a very pleasant environment during my visits.  The staff is all very friendly and is very attentive to any questions I have had.''  
  • ''I had a phone conversation with a nurse do to intense abdominal pain after a tummy tuck due to someone making me laugh.  The pain was so bad it was taking my breath away. During the time of our conversation she had talked me through it and my anxiety decreased along with the pain.  I felt much better before we ended our conversation.  I appreciated that more than I can say.''  
  • ''I thought the whole office was very professional. Everyone was friendly and seemed very knowledgeable…I think the way it appeared to be well run. Other doctors’ offices are not as organized.''
  • ''He met all my expectations and then some.''  
  • ''Not happy with previous Botox injections; happy with Botox injections from Dr. Morris.''  
  • ''Microdermabrasion was great!!''  
  • ''I have recently had LHE hair removal for my legs and am really happy with the results and plan on having a facial peel done in the near future.''  
  • ''I am happy with my results and the service I received before, during, and after surgery.''  
  • ''I received a call at home after surgery to find out how I was feeling.''  
  • ''I had some incisional problems and was encouraged to come in any time I had any problems.''  
  • ''The surgical procedure was quick, carefully explained and very painless.''  
  • ''After meeting with Dr. Morris I was very confident that he was the surgeon for me.''  
  • ''Each time I called I was given information promptly and courteously. (I talked with Karen and Nancy.)''  
  • ''I researched his credentials and found him to be everything he represented himself to be and more.''  
  • ''The education and care I received from Dr. Morris & his staff is priceless.  Not just before the procedure but after.  Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was happy.''  
  • ''Everyone seems happy to be at work and to me that shows a great team that genuinely enjoy their jobs.''  
  • ''After searching for about a year on the internet I liked what I found out about Dr. Morris.  Also after coming in and meeting him and his staff I felt very comfortable and trusted them.''  
  • ''I was very pleased with everything.  I needed a lot of tissues for weeks after I was so happy with how I looked in the mirror.''  
  • ''Everyone’s so, so very friendly and helpful.  I didn’t have to wait to for a long time to be seen.''  

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