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If you are considering any type of surgical or non-surgical plastic surgery procedure, it is more important than ever to choose your surgeon and his team carefully. Your surgeon's qualifications are critically important in making this decision.  You also need to know the personal qualities of the surgeon who will be operating on you.

At the age of 19, Dr. Morris entered medical school at Texas A&M University College of Medicine. After graduating 4 years later, he completed residencies in both general surgery and plastic surgery at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  At Mayo Clinic he was chief resident in both general surgery and plastic surgery.  He has been in practice in Michigan for over 17 years, the last ten plus of which, have been devoted exclusively to aesthetic surgery (and breast reconstruction).


He is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of numerous medical organizations and societies.  He is on the advisory board for and is frequently interviewed by local and national media about cosmetic surgery topics.


He has been an invited participant at the Allergan Aesthetic Leadership Forum (the company that makes Botox®, Juvederm®, and Natrelle® breast implants).


He is one of only 53 plastic surgeons in the nation who are able to offer the Inamed (Allergan / Natrelle) Style 410 cohesive gel breast implant for breast augmentation.  He is the only surgeon in Michigan outside of Grand Rapids who may use this implant.


He is director of cosmetic surgery at MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland and was the developer of the cosmetic surgery unit at that facility.


Dr. Morris constantly stays up-to-date with the latest procedures and technology but does not “jump on the bandwagon” before a treatment or procedure has been proven safe and effective.  He also does not use technology solely as a marketing tool – there are many technologies that sound great and fancy but are no better (only more expensive and quite often riskier) that more traditional techniques.


Dr. Morris heads a team of friendly, helpful professionals who are dedicated to state-of-the-art care to enhance your natural beauty. We specialize in aesthetic surgery and related procedures.


Dr Morris has carefully selected his staff for their friendly personalities, genuine concern for his patients, and most importantly, their level of excellence in delivering quality care and a quality experience for you.  Every member of our team is dedicated to helping you gather the information you need to make the best possible decision for yourself.


Please click on Dr. Morris' certificates below to see a larger version.


American Board of Plastic Surgery :: Board Certification

Mayo Graduate School of Medicine :: Residency

Mayo Graduate School of Medicine :: Fellowship




Mayo Alumni Association :: Membership

 The Priestley Society :: Membership

Allergan Aesthetic Leadership Forum ::



Undergraduate Training:


Texas A&M University

Medical School:

Texas A&M University, College of Medicine



General Surgery Residency: 

Mayo Clinic

Plastic Surgery Residency:

Mayo Clinic

Board Certification:

American Board of Plastic Surgery


American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Hospital Affiliations:

MidMichigan Medical Center, Midland, MI
St. Mary's Ambulatory Care Center, Saginaw, MI

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Continue to scroll down to discover more about Dr. Morris' personal attributes (as well as those who will assist him to care for you) and the type of person that he is: 


One's family obviously has a tremendous impact on the type of person an individual becomes with reference to personality, work ethic, compassion, and principles.



Dr. Morris with his Grand Dad



One of the earliest moral lessons I can remember took place when I was about 5 years old.  My grandfather had two small (they seemed large at the time) patches of grass between his home and the sidewalk coursing in front of it.


One day he said, "I'll bet you a dollar that you can't jump all the way across the grass!"  I said, "OK," successfully made the jump, and my grandfather stood up, pulled out his wallet, and started to hand me a dollar bill.  I said, "You don't have to pay me," and he stated, "Oh yes I do -- You must always keep your word and if you make a promise to someone you must do everything you can to keep it."  I remember that event like it was yesterday.  This photo was taken that day - I am sitting directly in front of my grandfather, my sister, Melissa, is to my left.




Dr. Morris and His Dad



My father was an engineer, and it is because of him that I am not!  Every project from cutting the grass to painting the house, digging a ditch to fixing the car, cleaning the garage to taking out the trash was planned in exquisite detail, and executed in a similar fashion.  Often this was a very slow and painful process and, "knowing it all," as teenagers think they do, I wished and asked why we just couldn't get it done and over with?! 

Dad would say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing as perfectly and correctly as possible the first time it is done."  I remember thinking that this was ridiculous and that all the extra steps and checkpoints, etc... were unnecessary and I couldn't wait until I was on my own and could do things "my way."  Depending on your age, most of you reading this have had the (initially) somewhat frightening realization, that "I'm doing this exactly like Dad/Mom would have!" 


This occurred to me one day in the operating room when one of the assistants (who does not work with me now) kept asking,  "...why do you do this...Dr. so-and-so doesn't take all of these extra steps or do it this way...why do we need to spend the extra time...why do I have to hold the instrument this way...?", and I realized that this was just like an interaction between my Dad and I working on a project he considered important.


I suddenly realized that, as much as I had vowed never to tackle a project like him, I had become just like him, and that constant influence is with me today, and I sincerely thank him for it.  I'm sure thousands of my patients do as well!



Dr. Morris and his Mom





When I was a young boy, I would often ask my mother what she thought I should be when I grew up.  She would always say, "I don't care if you become a ditch digger or President of the United States, just make sure you are the best ditch digger or President that you can be."  I am trying to live up to her expectations!




Dr. Morris with the Rock Group YES



Childhood dream come true!  My wife and I and the progressive rock band Yes.



Patient Testimonials

  • ''I have been thoroughly impressed with this office and the staff. I would recommend Dr. Morris's practice any day!  When I went into the office, I felt somewhat ashamed for even being there - looking into plastic surgery. When I left, I felt 'normal' after talking to all the women on staff. They made me realize that I am 'ok' for wanting to improve my body.''  
  • ''I appreciated the 'discreet' mailing of information. (I didn't want my husband to know I was interested in enhancing my appearance.) Appointment time was very prompt. Staff is very accommodating combining different procedures for the same day. (It takes an hour for me to drive to your office, so I really appreciate the convenience of multiple procedures being scheduled the same day.)''    
  • ''You have to trust your Doctor. It's comforting to know they are reputable. I enjoyed reading the history of the Doctor and the Plastic Surgery Institute in the very informative brochure I received from you office. When I called for the appointment, the staff member I spoke with said she had the same procedure done and was very happy with it. It gave me some 'peace of mind' and made me look forward to my appointment.''    
  • ''All of your staff was very friendly and honest. I came in feeling like I needed a few cosmetic procedures. Instead of your staff agreeing with me and taking my money, they told me that the surgeries I wanted would produce very minimal results but would be very expensive. I was informed of much less expensive, non-surgical options that would be more beneficial to me...he was actually more honest to me than expected. He could have just tried to make as much money off of me as he could, but he did the exact opposite and made very little money off of me.''    
  • ''After seeing Dr. Morris's credentials and pictures and talking to him I knew he was the Dr. I wanted to perform my surgery.  Also everyone was so friendly and helpful on his staff.  He was also very honest with me on what changes I could expect.''  
  • ''My whole surgery from pre to post op was handled so well.''  
  • ''I saw a patient of yours that received treatment. She was very happy with the results, and I was very impressed at how 'natural' she looked.''  
  • ''Your staff is very good at acknowledging the patient when they walk in the door, even if they're busy and are on the phone.''  
  • ''I like the fact that you allow patients to return as many times as they feel necessary to ensure they are educated, prepared for and pleased with the end results of their surgeries.''  
  • ''I like that most of your staff has had cosmetic procedures themselves and are willing to share their experiences with you firsthand. That personal touch makes a HUGE difference when you are considering cosmetic surgery and don't know what to expect – pain-wise, recovery, etc.''    
  • ''I am very happy and pleased with the outcome of my procedures and it has changed my attitude toward myself.  I am much more satisfied with the way I look.  Dr. Morris did and excellent job with both procedures.  Thank you very much.''    
  • ''Doctor Morris made a huge difference in my life.''    
  • ''Your office seems more concerned about meeting the needs of the patient rather than just looking at the patient as a money maker.''      
  • ''I felt that Dr. Morris was more up front about the results that could or could not be achieved.  I felt more comfortable with Dr. Morris.''      
  • ''I like his honesty and bedside manner.  Very kind and considerate didn't make me feel self-conscious at all; I had a very good experience with the Doctor and staff all being friendly and caring.''      
  • ''Very professional environment. Personable staff. Accomodating hours. Neat and clean office. Promptness with appointment time. Not having to wait to be seen! I also am pleased with being seated at my scheduled appointment time, instead of having to wait for 30 min or so in the reception area like so many other offices. (Excellent time management skills.)''      
  • ''I'm very happy with my results and will continue to refer people to your office.''      
  • ''Your office looked professional and your staff was friendly.  The two nurses were knowledgeable regarding procedures. Dr. Morris explained everything clearly and I felt reassured that he had my best welfare in mind.''      
  • ''To feel that the surgeon is competent (I felt great knowing Dr. Morris had trained at Mayo) and that the entire staff is knowledgeable and able to answer questions/concerns.  Also, deciding to do this type of surgery (abdominoplasty) can be somewhat embarrassing and no one in the office made me feel uncomfortable.''    
  • ''The staff was extremely friendly and informative.  I also liked the fact that Kay told me to come and talk with them as often as I needed, at no additional charge, prior to the surgery, to make sure I was 100% comfortable.''      
  • ''The information provided before the procedure was very informative and accurate.  I like how Dr. Morris made sure to say hi to me once I was in the operating room, before I was put under.  Although this doesn't pertain specifically to your office, I would like to comment on the wonderful staff at Mid Michigan Regional Medical Center. I had wonderful nurses from the time I arrived to the time I went home.  I worried that they may treat me differently because I was choosing to have surgery - but they were great and very helpful!''  
  • ''I was very pleased with the way my surgery turned out.  Everyone was up front with me about the pain and it turned out to be not as bad as I thought.  I had been taken very good care of.  I can’t tell you how good I feel about myself now.  I have a lot more confidence.''    
  • ''I chose Dr. Morris because after my initial consultation, I walked away feeling very comfortable and after seeing results from some of the procedures he had performed, I knew he would take care in ensuring I was happy with the results.''      
  • ''The brochure/packet you sent was very informative and confirmed my decision.''      
  • ''Office staff treats you like a person, not an annoyance.''      
  • ''You are very personable and yet professional.  Your office always takes the time to answer questions and doesn't treat me like I'm bothering them.''      
  • ''I liked when Kay came in the room and explained things to me.  She did not seem in a hurry and explained everything plus some.  I also liked when Dr. Morris came in and said hello before he saw me in the next room.''  
  • ''Once I made the initial call to Dr. Morris' office, I received the information very quickly.  After my consultation, I didn't feel pressured to proceed with surgery.''      
  • ''The procedures I have had were very successful and very much to my liking.  I also admire Dr. Morris' staff and their professionalism.''      
  • ''I trust Dr. Morris and feel confident he knows what he is doing.  He made me feel so much better about my looks and I will be forever grateful.  I also really like his nurse, she made me feel at ease about questions I had no matter what the question.''      
  • ''I choose Dr. Morris based on the former patients who have had procedures done in the past and highly recommended him.''      
  • ''I continue to be a consumer because of Dr. Morris and his caring and considerate staff. It is a very pleasant environment during my visits.  The staff is all very friendly and is very attentive to any questions I have had.''  
  • ''I had a phone conversation with a nurse do to intense abdominal pain after a tummy tuck due to someone making me laugh.  The pain was so bad it was taking my breath away. During the time of our conversation she had talked me through it and my anxiety decreased along with the pain.  I felt much better before we ended our conversation.  I appreciated that more than I can say.''  
  • ''I thought the whole office was very professional. Everyone was friendly and seemed very knowledgeable…I think the way it appeared to be well run. Other doctors’ offices are not as organized.''
  • ''He met all my expectations and then some.''  
  • ''Not happy with previous Botox injections; happy with Botox injections from Dr. Morris.''  
  • ''Microdermabrasion was great!!''  
  • ''I have recently had LHE hair removal for my legs and am really happy with the results and plan on having a facial peel done in the near future.''  
  • ''I am happy with my results and the service I received before, during, and after surgery.''  
  • ''I received a call at home after surgery to find out how I was feeling.''  
  • ''I had some incisional problems and was encouraged to come in any time I had any problems.''  
  • ''The surgical procedure was quick, carefully explained and very painless.''  
  • ''After meeting with Dr. Morris I was very confident that he was the surgeon for me.''  
  • ''Each time I called I was given information promptly and courteously. (I talked with Karen and Nancy.)''  
  • ''I researched his credentials and found him to be everything he represented himself to be and more.''  
  • ''The education and care I received from Dr. Morris & his staff is priceless.  Not just before the procedure but after.  Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was happy.''  
  • ''Everyone seems happy to be at work and to me that shows a great team that genuinely enjoy their jobs.''  
  • ''After searching for about a year on the internet I liked what I found out about Dr. Morris.  Also after coming in and meeting him and his staff I felt very comfortable and trusted them.''  
  • ''I was very pleased with everything.  I needed a lot of tissues for weeks after I was so happy with how I looked in the mirror.''  
  • ''Everyone’s so, so very friendly and helpful.  I didn’t have to wait to for a long time to be seen.''  

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Meet Dr. Morris | Steven M Morris | Plastic Surgery Institute Michigan - Michigan Cosmetic Surgeon - Steven M. Morris


Meet Dr. Morris | Steven M Morris | Plastic Surgery Institute Michigan - Michigan Cosmetic Surgeon - Steven M. Morris

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